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October 8, 2016: Rivoli Theatre: Roof repairs should be underway soon. Indianapolis Business Journal
May 17, 2016: This past weekend, the Riley Area Development Corporation took drone footage of the Rivoli. As you may know, the Rivoli Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. acquired the building in 2007 and put a new roof over the auditorium. In 2014, the roof over the storefronts collapsed. The footage gives us a bird's-eye view of the building's condition. That said, plans are in motion. Talk is optimistic. And we're not going to give up.
May 4, 2016: The organization has changed its public information sessions from monthly meetings to quarterly meetings: February, May, August and November. Please check back for the next public information meeting that will be held in August 2016.
May 1, 2016: Indiana Landmarks 10 Most Endangered landmarks: Rivoli Theatre
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Our Mission: The Rivoli Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. will restore, maintain and manage the historic Rivoli Theatre as a cultural and social center. The organization will use the Rivoli as a catalyst for neighborhood revitalization and economic development.
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The Rivoli Theatre, 1928